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Why Abstinence? Because your biology will always trump your willpower! It is the only way to stop the cycle.


Why Abstinence? Because your biology will always trump your willpower! It is the only way to stop the cycle.

Food Addiction

What is Food Addiction?

Food is one of our most basic needs . . . But for some people, certain foods trigger overwhelming ‘feel-good brain chemicals’ that overtake their brain’s reward pathway. And they can’t stop eating. Literally.

In the same way that a smoker craves a cigarette or an alcoholic can’t stop after one drink, for some people food acts like a drug and stopping after the first bite becomes unmanageable. They feel like their brain is hijacked. They obsess over food, what they should be eating, what they want to be eating, not wanting to eat anything, how many calories, how much fat, why I am I always feeling hungry, or why do I always feel too full. The list and the thoughts seem to never end. We call this food addiction.

Can a Person Really Be Addicted to Food?

 There's a lot of controversy surrounding the causes of obesity. Some believe it's simply a lack of willpower; that a person just won't control what they eat. Others contribute weight problems to genetics or lack of exercise. Now, in the scientific community, there's growing support for the idea of food addiction (people being addicted to food). It comes from animal and human studies, including brain-imaging research on humans.

Food Addiction Defined

Although there is no official definition of food addiction, it is defined in much the same way as other drug dependence: 

Eating too much despite consequences, even dire consequences to health 

Being preoccupied with food, food preparation and meals 

Trying and failing to cut back on food intake 

Feeling guilty about eating and overeating 

I have worked alongside the top addiction doctors who practice in the field of Food Addiction to develop this program. Weight loss WILL occur but most importantly my clients report that their biggest achievement from eating this way is the relief they feel when the mind chatter with food STOPS. The goal of this treatment is for you to find peace with food.



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