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Clarissa Kennedy

Hi my name is Clarissa and I'm a Food Addict. The problem was that for most of my life I didn't know it. I just always thought that something was wrong with me or that I didn't have enough will power when it came to how much I ate. I fought daily to control my weight and my obsessive compulsive thinking about food. In my early 20’s I struggled with one eating disorder after another and was plagued by the knowledge that no matter what I did, it was likely this problem would never go away. So everyday I ate with little or no idea how the foods I was eating affected my body or my mind and ultimately everyday I felt like a failure. I had accepted that this was just how life would always be.


Then I was introduced to the concept of Food Addiction and it was like someone finally switched on the lights in my mind. I went to Iceland to participate in an intensive sugar detox and it was in this environment that I realized how the processed, low fat "foods" I had been eating were triggering me to over consume and why I always craved MORE. I learned about the dangers of sugar, how negatively affects all aspects of our overall health, and how it is in absolutely everything we consume today.  I had been working in the field of addictions and mental health for years and the concept that certain types of foods (sugar/flour/grains) had the ability to activate the pleasure centre of the brain, exactly like drugs such as cocaine and/or heroin do, was fascinating to me. It was the key to stopping the addictive cycle.


Today I have a SOLUTION and practical strategies to maintain that solution. I have a freedom with real food now that I never thought was possible and I am fortunate enough to get to work with others to help them find this solution too. Food is not your enemy, diets are. When you learn how and what to eat it will merely complement your life not define it.


I have worked alongside the top addiction doctors who practice in the field of Food Addiction to develop this program. Weight loss WILL occur but most importantly my clients report that their biggest achievement from eating this way is the relief they feel when the mind chatter with food STOPS. The goal of this treatment is for you to find peace with food.

Food Addiction

how i can help

My focus is to help individuals grow, feel energized, and become aware of their inner strengths while healing their relationship with food. 

  • Get you to a place where you experience food freedom 
  • Educate you about the science of hunger and how sugar impacts our brain and our body exactly the same way drugs do. 
  • Teach you how to fall in love with the right kind of foods so that you don't feel deprived. 
  • Help you examine the way you look at food and practice eating in a more mindful way. 
  • Work with you to repair the hormones and brain chemistry that drive hunger and overeating. 
  • Assess if you are a normal eater, an emotional eater or a food addict in order to determine what level of professional support you need.